DL-44 "Bespin" Blaster from ESB

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The Force Forum has partnered with world renown blaster expert "Field Marshall" to bring you this exclusive ALL METAL DL-44 Bespin "Luke" and "Han" blaster from ESB.  This replica weighs in at a whopping 4 pounds.  

This is a CNC built Denix M96 replica updated with screen accurate M19 scope including lenses and brass rings, replica flash hider with a milled bull barrel and real wood grips.  The accessories are not painted or blued and we'll leave that to the owner to determine how to finish.  Some minor assembly required including inserting lenses and scope rings.  

There are 2 minor differences between the "Luke" and "Han" version.  Luke has a cut side housing on the M19 scope and a different depth on the L bracket that holds the scope to the Denix.  Both are a tremendous addition to any collection.  

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