DL-44 Blasters (Light and Sound)

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In Episode 2 the DL-44 took on many different shapes with minor details being tweaked throughout the film.   This is a full size 1:1 scale original trilogy version from the 1980 Sci-Fi Classic with all the intricacies displayed in painstaking details.  This blasters would make any "Scoundrel" proud. 

This DL-44 Blaster is built with a heavily modified ABS plastic airsoft Mauser with resin and 3D Printed parts. Super bright red LED in the barrel and authentic Blaster sound each time the trigger is pressed. Powered by one (1) 3v coin cell battery.(included) Each Blaster is hand painted with high quality paints and weathered with professional powders and pigments to achieve screen accuracy. Perfect for any collection, home or office and cosplay. 

Please allow 5-6 weeks build time

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