Sandy Trooper Helmet

$300.00 300.00


These beaten and weathered troopers fell for the old mind trick and let our 2 masters pass right by on that legendary desert planet.  Our "high brow" sandy full size helmet replica is as close as you're going to get to joining our pair of heros on that fateful day.  

This is an ABS plastic, vacuum formed prop replica that has been assembled and weathered to stand out in any collection.  Want to build out a full sandy kit and cosplay or join the local trooping legion, this will fit right in as well as it's completely wearable with see through green lenses.  

The weathering is all done by hand to look as realistic as possible.  Since this is completely done by hand, each helmet will be unique to its new owner.  We can also vary the weathering if you like and even produce completely clean with the standard shiny white paint job.  

Please note, these are not symmetrical pieces and they are designed to "not be a perfect fit".  The helmets used on screen were very poor quality and never fit the actors properly who were wearing them.  If you look at the photos shown you will see each eye is a little off, as are the teeth, this is designed that way and not a flaw in craftsmanship.  In our effort to be as close to the real thing as possible, our product will feature these flaws.  Everyone will be a little different.  

The price listed includes freight anywhere in the world
Ships from the US
Please allow 2-3 weeks to build and ship