Grail Diary Replica

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During the last Crusade, this Grail Diary was presented as the life's work of Dr. Jones, Sr. Throughout his life, he recorded all of his Holy Grail findings which ultimately landed in the hand of the Nazi's. Lucky for him "Junior" was able to successfully re-acquire the relic and finish his quest before riding off into the sunset.  

This is a "story" version of the Grail can read it straight through as if it were actually written by Dr. Jones himself! The pages are hand-aged using walnut crystal ink and features a genuine leather cover which has been hand-distressed to look as though it's been carried around all over the world on the quest to find the Holy Grail and well as numerous photographs and screen accurate inserts.  Includes the wrapper which was made to be as screen accurate as possible as well as a twine tie.

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