Korbanth LS6 Gullwing Saber Hilt

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When our Hero lost his Graflex saber at the end of ESB he was forced to revert back to a classic thin neck saber for ROTJ.  These are our interpretations of that iconic saber hilt complete with gullwing doors showing off the internal light up crystal chassis – this can be removed or left into saber.  A touch of your finger causes the crystal chamber to light up with blinking lights and glowing crystal.  Each time you tap the crystal it will change color from red, to blue to green to off. Perfect for the saber enthusiast who plans to display on a stand and would like a show piece to show how the “REVEAL” part lights up. Saber hilt also comes with multiple activation clamps and other interchangeable parts.  

LS6 Gullwing
- Hero Body Length – 11.0” (Rounded up to nearest .25”)
- Stunt Body Length – 10.75” (Rounded up to nearest .25”)
- Stunt Blade Chamber I.D. – 1.0”
- Electronics Chamber I.D. – .88”
- Reveal Feature – Yes / Articulated grip & pommel with mechanical twist ratchet lock.
- LED Crystal included

The V1 model is considered the "Hero" version which was used for on-screen closeups while the V2 model is the "stunt" version which was used in 90% of the movie.  

Materials Used – Aluminum, Brass, Stainless & Mild Steel, Zinc, Polycarbonate, ABS.  

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