X Pilot "Rey Salvage" Helmet

$300.00 300.00


This is our example of the found salvage helmet Rey wore on the desert planet.  This styrene plastic helmet is vacuum formed just like the original screen used prop.  It's a full size, 1:1 scale helmet designed to fit even the largest head, not one of the common mid-size examples produced by other makers.  

"Rey Salvage" Helmet includes the following:
- Fully built helmet
- Screen accurate stickers, hand painted and hand weathered
- Basic padding inside helmet
- Ships in 4-5 weeks

Ships from the US

*Please note these helmets are designed to be as authentic to the original screen used props which were super thin, flimsy and never symmetrical.  They are not heavy, with simple padding inside, removable ear cups and bendable wire mic cable.  They are built this way on purpose so no two will ever be exactly the same.